What Would You Do?

We are in 2017, decades past the first full scale AIDS epidemic, yet HIV and AIDS remains a social stigma. Despite mass efforts by several high profile groups, organisations, charities and celebrities, ignorance and prevalence rates remain. There are currently 1.4 million people living with HIV in Tanzania. The WHO has identified women in Tanzania as particularly vulnerable, this has been addressed time and again and needs immediate action. 

The prevalence rate between the ages of just 15 years old and 49 years old is 4.7%. This figure is set to increase. HIV has blighted Africa and scaled down social progress for decades and Medi Trip Limited is pledging to become part of the solution. 



Beyond the face of the problem, HIV diagnosis remains a social stigma and a heavy burden, particularly for newly diagnosed women who account for 6.2% prevalence rate of the newly diagnosed population-that's twice the rate of the male population. Often these women are mothers, sex workers or unmarried and without the vital community and family support they need to survive.


Gender inequality and poverty make it difficult for women to find their independence and lack of education perpetuates ignorance about safe sex. Often in Tanzania, HIV positive women will be sex workers, be married to much older men or be in a 'sugar daddy' relationships with older promiscuous partners who in exchange provide money, gifts or social advancement.


If you were one of these women or related to them, what would you want for your life? What would you do? Women and children are the most vulnerable group and require strong community of support. Medi Trip does not just want to see these women survive, but to thrive!



Medi Trip is driven by the ethos of creating possibilities for brilliant people, this includes the community in which we are working in. There are thousands of Women in Arusha who only need an opportunity to get onto their feet and survive their diagnosis. We want to be part of the movement that is providing this opportunity and bring our compassion and expertise to making this happen. 


To apply and only work with our skills, knowledge and expertise 
To be responsible and ethical in our approach 
To ensure sustainability to our charitable efforts and contribution
To educate
To provide care, compassion and competence to our work
To provide a broad and holistic approach to our charitable contributions

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We are aiming to raise £2,000 over the next few months for newly diagnosed women and mothers who are about to face the most unimaginable challenge. Donate as little or as much as you can and lets help make a difference. 


The proceeds will go towards: 

Food and utilities to make life a little easier during this overwhelming time

Medication and access to adequate healthcare to ensure they have a better chance of survival

Specialist HIV/AIDS counselling and education from qualified, experienced community champions!


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