Medical & Nursing Students: Electives and Internships


Student Nurse and Medical Electives/Internships are a perfect opportunity to make a difference, learn and grow. It is also a chance to add amazing depth to your practice portfolio. You will be given complete supervision and support throughout your elective placement, regardless of where you choose to go. The learning opportunities will be boundless and the memories unforgettable. 

You will participate in clinical activities with the main focus being on your learning objectives.  You will receive regular opportunities to discuss your progress and we will ensure we keep you on track and focused on your learning outcomes. 


We are offering students placements in healthcare and hospital facilities in areas including:
  • General medical wards
  • Surgical
  • Theatres
  • Children
  • Labour ward (mother & babies)
  • Outpatients
  • Community -HIV and Mental Health
You will be orientated, supported and fully supervised and work with hardworking, passionate and caring teams.
Learn first hand the importance of global health and why it has become a high priority agenda to create  world wide collaboration to improve levels of poverty and poor health. This may be your very first step in becoming the change!


You may not be sure about your next step, thinking about taking a gap year or an elective/internship, Tanzania has bountiful opportunities to explore and develop yourself and meet some of the kindest and most gracious people in the world. 

So what exactly is medical volunteering?  

It takes truly committed people to this abroad! With medical volunteering, you will be volunteering to work with patients or in a healthcare specific area on a voluntary basis. Unlike other types of volunteering, medical volunteering is a difficult, challenging and profound area. Medical volunteers will witness and experience things other volunteers never will or what they never would have at home. This can be a huge challenge as often times volunteers experience situations that can leave them feeling sad, shocked or confused. But for the most part volunteers are often left amazed at the resilience of their patients and at the skill and dedication of their new colleagues. It truly is a hugely moving experience and one most Medi Trippers never forget.


Medi Trip Placements

At Medi Trip we are distinguished in being able to use our healthcare experience and expertise to pick the most suitable settings for our professional volunteers to experience. When you volunteer with Medi Trip, your volunteer placement would have been chosen specifically to suit your area of interest. Each of our placements are carefully assessed and selected for suitability to our professional volunteers, as well as how much contribution goes into the local health and social welfare. When you volunteer with Medi Trip,you will be placed in one of the following health care facilities:

1) Mount Meru Regional Hospital

This is Arusha City's main referral hospital.It is located within Arusha City Council and serves all 7 districts of Arusha City. There are more than 500 workers working in multidisciplinary teams.

2) St Elizabeth Hospital

It operates in partnership between the government and Catholic Church. It is located within the city council and serves the people of this district. It has at least 250 workers.

3) Levolosi Health Centre

One of the busiest and most popular health center in the city. This facility serves almost half the city population and is regarded as the district hospital because of the population it serves. It has approximately 100 workers.Regarded as the best health centre for health scholars or young professionals. Levolosi has a strong reputation for obstretics and gynaecology. It neighbours St.Elizabeth Hospital.

4) Kaloleni Health Centre

It is also popular health center in the city. This facility was set up to serve as an outpatient department for Mt.Meru hospital in 1980s,because of this it serves large part of the city population. It has approximately 90 staff. One of the best health centres for health scholars or young professionals. 

5) Ngarenaro Health Centre

Most popular health centre for paediatric vaccinations, antenatal care, labor and delivery and postnatal care services. The staff here vaccinate more than 500 children (0-5 years) and care for more than 150 pregnant women per day. They deliver more than 600 babies per month. It has 120workers.The best health centre for Gynaecologists and midwifery.









    Typical Day

    Your typical day will usually begin very early, receiving a general and bedside handover of your patients. You will then be given supervised charge of a group of patients/patient list for the day and either observe or assist in managing the care and needs of those patients for the day.  You day can be either very hectic and extremely challenging or slow and very quiet. You will need to be motivated, resilient and work well in a team in order to get the best out of your experience. 


    What will your schedule look like?
    • 07:00 Breakfast

    • 08:00 Report to placement

    • 12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

    • 15:00 Placement ends


    What's included?

    • Full room and board (breakfast & dinner)

    • Placement support and supervision

    • Option to rotate within the same hospital

    • Airport pick up

    • Orientation


    We will liaise with your University/School to ensure you have a detailed, well structured program that will get the most out of your learning experience. 



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